Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 24

All These Things I've Done (Birthright (Zevin (Quality) #01) [ ALL THESE THINGS I'VE DONE (BIRTHRIGHT (ZEVIN (QUALITY) #01) BY Zevin, Gabrielle ( Author ) May-08-2012 - Gabrielle Zevin

'As I picked up Gable's tray, he said, 'Hope you learned your lesson.'


'Oh, I did,' I said. 'And thank you so very much for teaching me.' I dropped the tray onto the cart so that a little bit of lunch (ground tofu with mysterious red sauce in a bun--Asian Delight?) splashed on his face. 'Sorry,' I said, and then I rolled my cart away before he had a chance to respond.


Gable is Anya's ex-boyfriend. Sounds like a common quarrel, but nothing is common in this book. It's futuristic (around year 2083). Clothes are no longer being made, coffee is illegal, as are paper without a permit and chocolate!


Anya's father was a chocolate mob boss. The book is as strange as it sounds, but compelling. I'm devouring it, which is likely also illegal, since it's a paper book.