A to Z Survey (Now brought to you in easy-to-read single posts!)

Since the Master Post idea wasn't as wonderful as I thought it would be, I decided to finish the survey in individual posts. That's more fair to letters, anyway. Always being part of that whole alphabet group; never an individual. Could give some letters a complex.


I ~ Important Moment in Your Reading Life.


For as long as I can remember, I've loved reading. I always asked what words meant, most frequently getting the dreaded, "Look it up." But when I finally realized I didn't have to look up every word because I could get a general understanding of what a new word meant from the context, I was really happy. No more stopping in the middle of a page to find a definition!


Too often I'd look up a word in the dictionary, read the definition and completely forget what it meant two minutes later, anyway. So even though I no longer looked up every single word I didn't know (and as a youngster, there were lots of words I didn't know), I managed to keep on increasing my vocabulary, because I love words. And there's nothing like figuring out what a word means in the context of a book to help one really learn what a word means.