30-Day October Book Challenge ~ Day 4

The Duke and I - Julia Quinn The Viscount Who Loved Me - Julia Quinn An Offer From a Gentleman - Julia Quinn Romancing Mister Bridgerton - Julia Quinn To Sir Phillip, With Love - Julia Quinn When He Was Wicked - Julia Quinn It's In His Kiss - Julia Quinn

Day 4 ~ Favorite book of your favorite series


If you read my Day 3 post, you know what series is my favorite.


If you didn't read it, you can probably figure it out by the scrolling slide show. (I just learned how to do it today. So simple ~ Just click on the big + up top, type in your books and you'll have your very own book slide show.)


So which is my favorite book? I was going to pick Colin's book, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,  but that's because I like Colin so much. He's funny and he eats everything in sight. (That's a running joke throughout the series.) And I love Penelope Featherington. She had a hard time of it growing up and she's got a secret. A doozy of a secret.


But I decided to choose An Offer from a Gentleman, instead. Why, you ask? You did ask, right?


1 ~ The heroine's name is Sophie. I love the name Sophie.


2 ~ It's a Cinderella story. Is there anyone who doesn't love a Cinderella story? Poor Sophie really earns her Cinderella stripes in this book.


3 ~ The hero is the second Bridgerton son, Benedict. He falls for Sophie at a masquerade ball. And then loses her.


4 ~ Benedict loves Sophie even when she isn't the fantasy he fell in love with at the ball. Now that's a real hero.