How to Add a New Line in a Comment

It's often the little things that break us and this little thing almost unraveled me.


I was commenting on a post. It was a good post. A very good post. And I really wanted to add my comment. Not because my comment was so brilliant, but because I like to tell people when I think they write something awesome.


So I wrote my comment and pressed enter to start a new paragraph. Le Sigh. My comment posted, but it wasn't finished. So I deleted it and started over.


I wanted to include a quote from the blogger's post. I'm used to quoting thusly:




BookLikes apparently reads >> as "Sock Poppet is finished with her comment."


I deleted that comment and tried again. Not being the brightest sock in the drawer, I tried it the same way. (I do learn, but sometimes it takes awhile.)


Let me just say that by the time I finally got my comment finished and posted I had spent what felt like the equivalent of a full day's work. I also confused the heck out of people who received numerous notifications saying that I had posted a comment which wasn't there when they tried to find it.


There are so many of us refugees from GRs learning how to use BLs that I wanted to help those frustrated by the commenting process. Funnily enough, BLs concealed the information on how to add a paragraph right in plain sight, in the comment's box. (Tricky, Dawid!) It's in gray and it says:


>>Write comment and press enter (press shift + enter to add new line)...<<


So let's recap.


1 ~ Pressing enter will post your comment. Don't do it unless you're finished writing your comment or you like the feel of your blood pressure rising.


2 ~ Press shift + enter if you want to add a new paragraph to your comment. This is useful for those of us who think we have so many important words to impart and like them to look neat and tidy.


3 ~ Do Not Use >> or << in your comments. Unless you want to gain the reputation of playing practical jokes on people. And believe me, there's nothing practical about spending your leisure time retyping your comments. Especially when you have so many important words to impart.


Whether or not you think my words are important is up to you. But you can't deny that there are so many of them.