Sock Poppet's 2015 Listorama! ~ Part 1

Freddy Goes to the North Pole (Freddy the Pig) - Walter R. Brooks, Kurt Wiese Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale - Gena K. Gorrell Valiant - Sarah  McGuire Death by Food Pyramid - Denise Minger The End Of Her Honeymoon - Marie Belloc Lowndes Dash - Kirby Larson

With all-new categories that I just made up!


Best New-to-me Series: Freddy the Pig


Second Best Book By a Dead Author: The Flirt

(First Best by that author is and one of my all-time-favorites: Magnificent Ambersons)


Best Biography Not Written For Adults: Heart and Soul


Best Quirky Book Made Into a Movie With Cary Grant: Curious Quest


Best Heroine Who Lives Up To the Title: Valiant


Best Eye Opener: Death By Food Pyramid


Best Surprise Mystery: End Of Her Honeymoon


Best Story With an Animal: Dash