Sock Poppet Read-by-the-Month Challenge ~ December Prompts

False Future - Dan Krokos False Sight (A False Memory Novel) - Dan Krokos The Prometheus Project (Book 3): Stranded - Douglas E.  Richards

Is It Really the End?


This month I read a book for prompts 1, 2 and 3.


1 ~ where the world seems to be coming to an end.


False Future by Dan Krokos


2 ~ about the end of something (i.e. relationship, job).


False Sight by Dan Krokos


3 ~ that is the end of a series.


Prometheus Project: Stranded by Douglas E. Richards


4 ~ that was the last one written by the author.


I didn't read a book that was the last written by an author, but the first book in the False Memory series by Dan Krokos should have been the last he wrote in that series (though he'd have to have figured out a way to end it there). 


I rated that series:


Book 1 ~ 4*

Book 2 ~ 3*

Book 3 ~ 2*


Not the way I want a series to go, for sure!