Who Are The Real Idiots?

In the comments on my blog post "Who Am I Really?"




Dor Does Books posted a March 19 quote from the vile site:


"Now, at the very end of Idiot’s re-blog, it says:

This is a really hostile environment for WoC and especially black women …

Uh, women of color and black women… is there a difference?  You can tell the author put a lot of thought into this post.  *sarcasm*"


Uh, yeah. There is a difference. 


I'm finding it hard to believe that in 2015 anyone would have to be educated that WoC (Women of Color) or PoC (People of Color) encompasses all non-whites, not just black people. 


Look around, you spewers of hate. The world is filled with a variety of skin tones, cultures, countries, religions, points of view.


At least we know who the real idiots are. 


Not that we didn't know that before, of course.