Monthly Key Word Challenge ~ November {Completed}

Blue - Lou Aronica The Bluestocking and the Rake - Norma Darcy The Mistress' House - Leigh Michaels Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder The Last of Lady Lansdown - Shirley Kennedy My Dear Charlotte - Hazel Holt The Sound of Munich - Suzanne  Nelson
November Key Words: Blue, House, Into, Last, My, Sound


Blue by Lou Aronica ~ 11-5-14


Bluestocking and the Rake by Norma Darcy ~ 11-10-14


Mistress' House by Leigh Michaels ~ 11-6-14


Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder ~ 11-1-14


Last of Lady Lansdown by Shirley Kennedy ~ 11-6-14


My Dear Charlotte by Hazel Holt ~ 11-7-14


Sound of Munich by Suzanne Nelson ~ 11-8-14