How Does One DNF = Three DNFs?

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

You see, this is a trilogy. A completed trilogy. How often does it happen that I can look forward to an already-completed trilogy?
And, all three books are on Overdrive at my library. I love listening to books, so I was a very happy camper thinking of these three lovely audiobooks in my future.
But I made a mistake. I accidentally requested the ebook as well as the audiobook of Delirium and the ebook was ready first. So I think, I'll just get a head start and read a bit while I wait for the ebook. Right away, I have a problem. The story is about an alternate United States in which love has been declared a dangerous disease. As I keep reading, I can't get it out of my head that this is a ridiculous idea.
Seriously, people have died for love and I'm supposed to believe that somewhere there is a universe (just like the United States) where a government has been able to outlaw love?
I know dystopia is make believe. I know I have to let go of my preconceived notions in order to enjoy it. But really, doesn't it have to make some kind of sense? Doesn't it have to be at least within a realm of possibility? Because all I could think about was: This could not possible happen. Ever. Anywhere.
I tried to shush myself, but it wasn't possible. So that's how one sad DNF becomes three DNF, or more accurately: One DNF and two never started's. Woe is me. :(