Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 25

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Novel - Pamela Mingle

Miss Bennet, if you will not take my hand, I fear we shall be forced to turn back. The way is too rough for you to walk unaided. I promise to release your hand back to your keeping as soon as we arrive on the path.


I smiled, still not looking at him, and grasped his hand. In this way we progressed, and in a very short time, placing my hand in his seemed natural.


I love well-written Pride and Prejudice continuation stories. One of the people I follow here gave it a good review, so I'm looking forward to this read.


I'm also happy to see Mary Bennet get a little attention. She's always seemed to be the neglected Bennet daughter. Looks like she's going to come out of the shadows and get herself some love!