Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 22

The Martian - Andy Weir

I'm not at all sure what actual page I'm on, since I'm reading this on my laptop. I checked it out from the library and thought I could read it on my Kindle. It's epub, so I could have read it with Adobe Digital Editions, but I don't really like that program much so I'm reading it in my browser.


Not as comfortable as using my Kindle, but I'll survive. Hopefully, so will the main character!


"I'm the King of Mars."


Yep, he is. Mark Watney is also the only human on Mars. He is a very resourceful person and it's fascinating reading how he's surviving, but boy, is this a creepy read. I keep thinking about what it would be like with no other people around and wondering if I'd live long enough to be reunited with Earth. When I stop reading, I breath a sigh of relief that I'm in my comfy living room, knowing I am within a few feet of another person.