Monthly Key Word Challenge ~ February {Completed}

The Dark House (Dodo Press) - George Manville Fenn Her Scandalous Affair - Candice Hern Island of Silence - Lisa McMann Jane's Island - Marjorie Hill Allee, Maitland de Gogorza The Secret Life of Lady Julia - Lecia Cornwall How to Lose a Bride in One Night - Sophie Jordan Red Seal, The: A Mystery Story - Natalie Sumner Lincoln ruth fielding of the red mill - alice b. emerson The Red Thumb Mark: A Dr. John Thorndyke Story - R. Austin Freeman Cloaked in Red - Vivian Vande Velde

Monthly Key Words: Dark, Her, Island, Life, Night, Red


Favorite Cover: Cloaked in Red ~ I want that cloak!

Favorite Audio: Red Thumb Mark ~ Quite an interesting story about a thumbprint being used to conceal the true identity of the criminal.


Series that I won't be continuing: Island of Silence ~ I started the third book in the series today and in reading the author's preface discovered that this isn't a trilogy like I thought. Another book is coming out this year, but no indication that it will be the last book. The first two books were good, but I'm not up for a no-end-in-sight series.


Favorite Dress: How to Lose a Bride in One Night


Semi-true story: Jane's Island ~ Fictional account of a young woman's summer at the scientific laboratories in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, based on the real scientific laboratories in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


Overall Favorites: Island of Silence; Red Thumb Mark; Jane's Island; Cloaked in Red