Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 17

A Study in Silks - Emma Jane Holloway

Roughly page 56 (I'm reading on my Kindle).


     Outraged, the baritone roared in E flat major.

     Tobias punched a button and the cannons fired more oranges, one catching the conductor in the ear. The other landed on the stage in a mighty squish, showering the principal singers in slimy fruit guts.

     The next volley hit the brass section. Uproar coursed through the audience like a wave. Half rose with a cheer. The other half bolted for the exit before orange peel death rained from the sky. Edgerton picked that moment to sprint across the stage, a banner raised high on its pole.

     It was emblazoned with the society’s motto: Beware, Because We Can.

     It was just enough of a distraction that Tobias didn’t notice that the doomed captain had drawn his weapon, proving that an operatic hero would indeed attack a seven-foot steam-driven monster with a pretend sword from the costuming department.

I hope the book turns out to be as funny as this snippet makes it sound. Even if it doesn't, it has a lovely cover. That's always a plus with me.