10 Things About Me (Courtesy of Grim's Fabulous Idea)

The Original from All Hail Grimlock


Without further ado, my 10 Things About Me.


1. I am 100 years old. That's what I tell my students when they ask how old I am. So far, none have proven me wrong.

2. I love children. I love children more than most adults. I wish children never had to get older. I will always be a child at heart.

3. I love children's books. I think the best children's books are ones that appeal as much to adults as they do to children. I don't think I would trust an adult who couldn't enjoy a children's book.

4. I love doing arts and crafts. I love seeing a beautiful art project and making it myself. I once went to an art show at my college and saw a stunning creation made from nails and thread. I went home and created one for my parents for Christmas. It hung in our living room for years. I was so proud, but even more delighted that they loved it.

5. My mother was a very talented creator. She not only created me, she created my avatar. I will love my mother and my avatar forever.

6. I love pictures. I created a blog so I could put up as many pictures as I wanted to see on other people's blogs. I take pictures of my students and their creations constantly. (I don't put their pictures on my blog, but I do feature their art frequently.)

7. When I was in college, I worked in a public library. I got in trouble for shelving books too slowly. I shelved books slowly, because I always had to read the descriptions of the books to see what they were about. I don't read Westerns much, but shelving books in my library is how I discovered The Virginian, which became one of my favorite books.

8. I love traveling. I've ridden trains across Europe carrying nothing but a backpack. Best way to travel. A few of my favorite places are Venice, Spain, Russia, Poland, Hong Kong, China (one border city). What I love most about traveling, besides experiencing things totally different from my regular environment, is the fact that most people I met were good, kind, helpful and wonderful.

9. I spent Christmas in Spain one year. I ate Paella and went to the circus. It is one of the best Christmases I've ever had.

10. I took pottery and glass blowing in college, the glass blowing with the long pipes. I loved it. I thought seriously about becoming an artist. I'm not sorry I didn't, but I sure did love glass blowing.


Bonus: I am blown away by things children create. I gave my students Play-Do and cookie cutters. One student made a dinosaur with a cookie cutter and created a free-form person. He then cut off the heads and put the person's head on the dinosaur. Is it any wonder I love spending my days with kids?



The dinosaur's head on the person.