Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 15

Story's End - Marissa Burt Storybound - Marissa Burt

Snow stared. She had always known her mother was a Villain. After all, she taught the subject at Perrault. Snow had even guessed that she might be a Witch. But Snow had never actually seen her mother act like one.


I recently finished Storybound and immediately requested Story's End from the library. Una Fairchild found herself a "Written In" in the land of Story, where fairy tale characters are real.


In the sequel, Una and her friends are fighting against some evil ones who are trying to take over Story. Snow is Snow White, Una's roommate at school, only she's a not-very-friendly Snow White.


Reading Storybound made me think about how much fun it would be to suddenly find myself in the middle of a book I was reading. Fun as long as I could get out anytime I wanted to, of course!