Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 14

p. 56   

     "The elderly man glared at him. 'You Falcon? Warden of this---this hostel?'

     'I shall be when it opens,' John Falcon said pleasantly. 'Anything I can do for you, sir?' 

     The elderly man gave a disgusted grunt. 'My name's Kinloch. Colonel Kinloch from Fairval House. Perhaps I needn't tell you that I was very much opposed to this whole ridiculous idea.'"


Elizabeth Falcon has gone to live for the summer with her brother, John, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland in order to rest her eyes. She's not allowed to read (Oh, the horror!) so she's going to live an outdoor life. I'll bet she's going to charm Colonel Kinloch into accepting the youth hostel.


As someone who traveled across Great Britain and Europe, riding the trains and staying in youth hostels, this book is bringing back wonderful memories. I didn't visit Scotland, but someday I hope to and I may just visit the Isle of Skye.