Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 12

The Girl In The Face Of The Clock (Worldwide Library Mysteries) - Charles Mathes

 p. 56 "But Jane knew instinctively that Danko's animosity posed a real danger for her new employer. Perry seemed so vulnerable and helpless against such a man--and this was what had left Jane feeling so unsettled."


Unsettled is good in a mystery story. And this one was a very good one.


I needed a book for my Monthly Keyword Challenge. One of the six keywords for January is clock. I typed the word into the Keyword search on the library website. The Girl in the Face of the Clock was the book I picked and it turned out to be a great choice.


The Girl in the Face of the Clock is one of those solid reads that makes you keep on reading without stopping once you start and leaves you with a satisfied feeling of time well spent when you're finished.


I'm glad I picked this book, because I also learned a little something about Cartier's mystery clocks, something I had never heard of before. Just check out these beauties.