Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 11

Once She Was Tempted - Anne  Barton

p. 56 "'Good evening, Miss Starling.' Lord Foxburn stepped in front of Daphne as though he'd physically shield her from further insults.

     Daphne's lower lip trembled. The night was proving to be as disastrous as she'd feared."


Once She Was Tempted is the sequel to last Friday's 56.


The author includes definitions at alternate chapter beginnings that I liked so much in the first book. 


Glaze: (1) A thin, transparent layer of paint used to add depth or modify color. (2) To become glassy, as in The quartet's lifeless--and somewhat torturous--rendition of Beethoven's concerto caused the earl's eyes to glaze over.


This book is shaping up to be just as engaging and fun as When She Was Wicked. I love discovering a new author to read and this one is very good, indeed.