Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 10

When She Was Wicked - Anne  Barton

The seamstress, whose mother is desperately sick, tried to blackmail the duke so she would have money to pay for medicine. Rather than turn her over to Bow Street, he decides she will live at his house and make a new wardrobe for his two sisters.


p. 56 "He slapped the folded parchment against his palm. 'How much did you tell them?'


'Just that you hired me for three months...and that the salary offered was generous.'"


The author is new to me and I'm enjoying the story a lot. One of the creative things this author does is include a definition at the beginning of every other chapter. The words relate to sewing, but they have alternate meanings.


Bolt: (1) An amount of fabric wrapped around a cylinder. (2) To flee; one's natural inclination after behaving like a lightskirt.