Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 8, Redux

The Delicate Dependency - Michael Talbot

Last week I had only begun this book. The quote I used from page 56 encouraged me to continue reading the book, even though the print was tiny and it was bound so closely at the center that it was hard to read the pages close to the binding. But it was totally worth it.


If you're into vampires, read this. It's a vampire book like no other.


If you're not into vampires, but you are into books that lead you down the garden path over and over, read this. It will have your head swirling.


I got the book from the library on an Inter Library Loan. It's not available on Kindle and the cheapest I've seen a paperback version selling for online is $44.00. If you can scare up a copy, it's well worth reading, even if only to see how an author can keep you biting your lip for 406 pages. Luckily I didn't draw blood, but it was a close call at the end.