Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 8

The Delicate Dependency - Michael Talbot

p. 56 ~ "It was then, as the terrifyingly angelic face was only inches from my own, that I saw he had filed the canine teeth on either side of his mouth into points."


A friend on Amazon recommended this to me as the best vampire book he had ever read. I was really interested in it and so I requested it as an ILL in September. It was due on the 10th. Three months later, it was finally returned by the borrower!


I can see why it took them so long. The print is tiny. Arrgh! I really hate tiny print, but one of the intriguing things my friend said about the book was, "I was just drawn into the story on so many levels (explaining, for instance, that vampires invented lots of the lore about themselves such as a fear of the Cross, so when tested they could prove they weren't vampires)." That sounds interesting enough to forge ahead, despite the tiny print.