Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 7

The Mother-Daughter Book Club - Heather Vogel Frederick

p. 56 ~ "Emma leans in close and whispers in my ear. 'She's made the first cut.'


The skater in the blue-and-white jersey is Cassidy Sloane. Not that anyone could tell just by looking. With their helmets and mouth guards and everything, everyone looks alike."


Ice hockey. Just part of the first book in a series that takes a classic book as the basis for each book. Little Women is the first book used. The Mother-Daughter Book Club tells the story of four sixth-grade girls and the book club their mothers coerce them into joining. What starts as a group the girls can barely tolerate evolves into a group that brings them together.


There are some interesting facts about Louisa May Alcott sprinkled throughout the narrative. For instance,  Louisa started her own business sewing doll clothes for children in her neighborhood.


There are six books in the series. I'm just about to read the second one, Much Ado About Anne which uses Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea as their basis. Can't wait!