Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 6

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean

p. 56 "Pippa blinked."


It's a conspiracy. I know it is. Authors are attempting to drive me crazy with the blinking. In a previous post I was listening to an audiobook that had characters blinking left and right. I thought I was noticing it more, because I was listening. Guess not.


The blinking is making me cringe. Now every time someone 'blinks,', I feel like throwing the book against the wall. Except this one's from the library and they have these silly rules about paying for damaged books.


I'm actually liking this book, but I'm only on page 40 and so far, three blinks. I hope there are no more blinks until page 56. I'm starting to hold my breath waiting for the blinks and I've never enjoyed reading while gasping for breath.