A to Z Survey

W ~ Worst Bookish Habit


Dog earring pages? Nope. I read so many library books that I don't have that habit and it's nigh on impossible to dog ear a Kindle.


Cracking the spine? If I have to, but only so I can read the book. With some paperbacks one would have to use a mirror to see what's printed near the spine if one didn't bend it a little.


Getting food on books? Rarely. Though I do eat while I read, I mostly get food on my clothes, which is why I always wear grungy t-shirts at home.


Read in the bathtub? I take showers. No temptation to read, but I do sing on occasion.


Peaking to see how the book ends? Oops, I think we have a winner. When I told my cousin that I sometimes read the end of the book before I've finished it, she gaped at me. Literally. Then she called me a book cheat. That made me laugh, but not her. Some people take their reading very seriously!