Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 5

The Snow Globe - Sheila Roberts

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to read some Christmas books. I found this one at the library while picking up some ILLs. I love snow globes, so it was an easy choice.


p. 56 ~ "Suzanne was still talking, but  Kiley tuned her out. Instead, she listened to the voice somewhere at the back of her mind that whispered, Shake me.


So she did. The little curtain of snow fell away and again she saw the Seattle toyship and Craig Peters standing in the doorway. And . . . what was this? Someone new had joined him, a woman with long, curly brown hair who looked suspiciously like her. 'Oh, my gosh,' she gasped. 'It's changed again.'"


Sounds like a little Christmas magic going on. I'm up for that.


I'm going to read this one, too, since I love Children's books. The description is too cute.


"Two families--a large one that lives in a house and the other a tiny one that lives in a snow globe, look forward to a big snowstorm."