Success With a Failure

Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn

I have just completed my 365th book this year. A Book a Day! (Does that keep anything away?)


Sadly, my 365th book was awful. I loved Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series and a few of her other earlier books had me laughing. But this book ~ not so much.


"She blinked."


"She blinked."


"He blinked."


"She blinked."


That's just a fraction of the scintillating writing. The blinking is supposed to represent surprise, so why can't an author just say she was surprised?


I would have given the book 1*, but I added a 1/2* ('cause when you have half stars, you have to use them, right?), because the narrator of the audiobook was great. But when you find yourself waiting for the next "blink" you can't go up to 2*.


The Smythe-Smith's musicales are notorious in Quinn's books for the horrendous playing of the Smythe-Smith girls. I was hoping their books would be really fun, but Julia Quinn is trying too hard and ends up being embarrassing instead of humorous.


The big decision now: Do I try the next book and hope it's better or do I say goodbye to Ms. Quinn forever?