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M ~ Major Book Hangover Because Of


hang•o•ver (ˈhæŋˌoʊ vər)

1. the disagreeable physical aftereffects of drunkenness, usu. felt several hours after cessation of drinking.
2. something remaining from a former period or state.
Have I ever been drunk on a book? Yep, lots of times. I've gone on major benders, reading every book I could find on a newly discovered author. But the only aftereffects were that I had to stop reading said author for awhile.
Have I ever felt unpleasant after reading a book? Yep to that, too. That's usually due to violence in some form in the book and I try to steer myself clear of books containing such things, as I don't do well with detailed descriptions of violence.
The one time I can remember feeling an aftereffect before the fact (huh?) was a few months after my mother died. For about a year, I couldn't handle anything the least bit sad. One day, in the library, I was reading the synopsis of a book about a woman whose boyfriend was killed by a man who considered her his future wife. She didn't want anything to do with him, but that didn't stop him from harming any man she showed an interest in. I couldn't even finish the description, I felt so sick. Though it's been a number of years since that event, I still can't bring myself to read that book.