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The Count of Monte Cristo - A. Sh, Alexandre Dumas

L ~ Longest Book You've Read


I listened to the audio version of The Count of Monte Cristo. I started with a free version from Librivox.org. I got about a third of the way through, but had to stop because having different narrators made it difficult to concentrate. I didn't know if I'd ever finish it.


Then I found a library version by one narrator, Fred Williams, who was excellent. Suddenly The Count of Monte Cristo was alive and well on my MP3 player.


The complete audio was 46:56:39. Yep, that's almost 47 hours, but 47 hours of a great adventure story. 


I started War and Peace at the beginning of this year, but work was too busy and I only got a few pages into it. Maybe I'll be ready to start that one, soon.