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K ~ Kinds of Books You Won't Read


I'll read any genre at least once (even Horror!) What I really despise, though, is getting toward the end of a book and realizing that there aren't enough pages for there to be a resolution.


I never knowingly start a book in a series that hasn't been completed, unless I know the author doesn't play that kind of game. Most series that I read don't have plots that won't be finished until the last book. If they do, I don't want to read them.


I've currently got a few outstanding series that are driving me crazy waiting for the final book so I can see how the mystery ends. Most solutions aren't all that interesting, but a mystery unresolved is still a mystery unresolved.


If nature abhors a vacuum, it surely must abhor an unsolved mystery even more. I abhor a vacuum, too, but I just hide mine behind a door.