Whiny Authors, Take Note

Of Beast and Beauty - Stacey Jay

I just finished this fantastic book. I gobbled it up. It was awesome. Just about perfect, in fact. Nobody could not love this book.


Except, some people could, in fact, not love this book. I searched the title here, because I wanted to find which friend I'm following enticed me to read this book with her wonderful review. http://litchick.booklikes.com/post/696267/i-have-some-feels-


After I commented to let her know how much I loved the book, I started reading the other reviews. They ranged from "It's perfection" to "I wanted to love this book, but . . . "


No matter how much some people may think this book is super-duper wonderful, some other people think the author failed miserably. It's all in the way our little genes fit. And there's everything right with that. And there's everything right with writing a review telling everyone else how you felt about a book.


I'm grateful to everyone who writes reviews expressing their honest opinions about what they read. Even when they're totally wrong about this book! ;)