Am I Losing the Love?

I just discovered something interesting about doing a Master Post that totally depressed me until I figured it out and it made me laugh. Or did it?


I've been doing an A-Z Survey, one letter at a time. At first I was getting several likes a day, which was lovely. I'm always happy when someone enjoys something I write and I reciprocate. My little heart was up to 20. Then today, it was only 19. I thought, "Someone unliked me? Wah!"


I had a bit of angst going on and then I noticed my little heart had shrunk to 18! Oy, now! Really, people. Must you . . . wait a minute. Could it be that two people were liking my post a second time, inadvertently unliking their first like? I tested it out and sure enough, clicking on the little heart registers a like, but clicking it again erases the like.


I must say I was relieved to find that no one was purposely unliking me. Or were they?