My Book World Restaurant

Themis-Athena's Garden of Books linked a wonderful article called, "If Books Ruled the World."


My favorite idea? The novel-themed restaurants. What would I like to see?


You don't call up to make a reservation at the Regency Arms. You must wait to be invited.



You'll be picked up in a coach.



Psst, don't forget your fan,



unless you want to be less refined than your greeter.



Who will be elegantly dressed . . .



unless you prefer elegantly undressed.



(If you visit the Regency Arms, Scotland, you might be lucky enough . . .



If you can't make it up the winding staircase, no worries.



They've got that covered.



Beauty is the order of the day.



And if you're not quite ready to order, your waiter is always available to wait. That's why he's called a waiter. I think I'll keep mine waiting a long time!



What restaurant would you like to see in Book World?