Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 2

The Suitor List - Shirley Marks
Rules: (Tweaked just a tiny bit.)
1 ~ Grab a book. Post the cover.
2 ~ Turn to page 56 (or 20% in eReader, if no page numbers).
3 ~ Find any sentence (or 2 or 3) that grabs you. No Spoilers!
4 ~ Post the sentence.
On the previous page, Lady Augusta, who is around 19 years old, has just been told by a suitor's aunt that there is a difficulty. "What concerns me is that Samuel is only sixteen."
Not to worry. Augusta is not so missish. Our Friday 56 explains:
"Even though Sir Samuel was much younger than Augusta had thought, she could not eliminate him on his age alone. 'I thought I might find a husband who is intelligent and thoughtful--age and appearance are merely  superficialities. Both will alter in time.'"
That is totally the first time, in all the romance books I've read, where I've come across a 16-year-old suitor. Sadly, it was the high point of the whole book, which included a suitor who bawled during a musical performance, one who had a rather exaggerated love for citrus fruits and several who declared undying love for Augusta's breathtaking sister.
What should have been a rather humorous story was duller than dull. As I was reading, I noticed that the words seemed to sit flat on the page. I'm not being sarcastic, either. The book had no body, no personality, no impact. Plus I knew who Augusta was going to end up with from the get go.
I shall not forget this lesson. Next time there is a 16-year-old suitor, I will stop reading immediately!