Friday 56 Challenge ~ Friday 1

Wicked Baron - Sarah Mallory

I just saw this challenge and thought it looked like fun.


It originated here:


Rules: (Tweaked just a tiny bit.)
1 ~ Grab a book. Post the cover.
2 ~ Turn to page 56 (or 20% in eReader, if no page numbers).
3 ~ Find any sentence (or 2 or 3) that grabs you. No Spoilers!
4 ~ Post the sentence.




I'm using a Regency romance that I'm currently reading. (I'm pretty much always currently reading a Regency romance!)


"We must hope that your identity is not discovered, at least until we have you safely married. There is no reason why we should not carry it off. After all, there is no one here who knows you, is there?"


We can all guess what's going to happen next, right?


Edited: I changed the % for ereaders to 20% to make it more equitable with page 56 in paper books.