Book 4 of 3. What?

A Dear Little Girl's Summer Holidays - Amy Ella Blanchard A Dear Little Girl at School - Amy Ella Blanchard A Dear Little Girl - Amy Ella,  1856-1926 Blanchard A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays - Amy Ella Blanchard Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet - Jane O'Connor, Robin Preiss Glasser, Lyn Fletcher, Beth Drainville Turkey Monster Thanksgiving - Anne Warren Smith

I saw Midnight Reader's post about the Christmas books she's going to read. Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I thought I'd find some Thanksgiving reads for myself. I searched "Thanksgiving" on Amazon and found "A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays." Imagine my surprised when I read:


"This is book 4 of 3 in A Dear Little Girl series. It is preceded by . . . ."


That's a pretty neat trick, being number four of three books! I managed to track down book 1, "A Dear Little Girl." The books aren't long, so I'll read the first three before I get to number four.


Of course I'll read Thanksgiving books with my students and I also found a couple fun books at the library that are for older children (that would be me!)