Do You Dislike the "Read More" Button?



Those in the know (not me!) have figured out that Right Clicking on the "Read More" button allows one to open the rest of the post in a new tab. I'm going to leave the rest of my post in case there was anyone who didn't know this and will be as tickled pink as I am to find out they don't need to wait for scrolling.

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Original Post

I do. Not because I don't want to read more, I always want to read more.


And I do appreciate people adding "Read More" so it doesn't take up so much room on my dashboard.


The problem is, when I click on "Read More," finish reading the post and then come back to my dashboard it takes sooooooooo long to scroll back to where I was before I clicked on "Read More." And I really dislike wasting time when there's only so much time to read.


So I'm going to employ a workaround to save those who read any of my long posts the agony of having to waste their precious reading time. It's not perfect, but it's the best I can come up with for now. I'm going to use the Spoiler feature. Ready?


Click on spoiler to finish reading my post. (No spoilers involved.)


See how easy that is. You can read all my brilliant words (I know you want to!) and when you finish, you can continue with the next post, right where you left off, without wasting your precious reading time twiddling your thumbs waiting for the scrolling to bring you back here.


When I have real spoilers, I will simply use "spoiler" with no caveat.


If, for some unimaginable and clearly unacceptable reason, you don't want to read my golden words of wisdom, just continue on without clicking "spoiler."


P.S. I don't really twiddle my thumbs while I wait for the scrolling. I always have a book handy to read while I wait. But picking up a book, putting it down . . . wasted time!

(show spoiler)