I Wish I Could Comment On . . . .

Currently reading.


You know how you see them as you're scrolling down your dashboard. So-and-So is Currently Reading ~ and there's a little image of the book.


Today I hovered on a book and saw the title. It looked intriguing. I looked it up. It sounded alright, but another book on the same subject caught my eye and looked better. I put an ILL hold on it.


I wanted to tell So-and-So, but there's no place to comment.


I'd also like to tell The-Other-So-and-So's that I've read the book they just finished, but there's no way to comment on those, either.


I love talking about books and it's so frustrating when I can't even say, "Hey, I read that, too!"


Could it be that I like talking too much?