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The Luxe - Anna Godbersen Rumours  - Anna Godbersen Envy (Luxe, Book 3) - Anna Godbersen Splendor: A Luxe Novel (The Luxe) - Anna Godbersen

I admit it, I started reading this series because of the beautiful dresses on the covers. So much gorgeous material! Could anyone really wear a dress like one of these? They look like they would be so heavy.


The first book was great. A good love story surrounding the glittering set, and those who want to be part of it, in 1899 Manhattan. The trials and tribulations, successes and failures, machinations and comeuppances were enjoyable to read. For the first couple of books, at least.


Eventually I realized that these were nothing but soap opera in book form and no one was going to have a true HEA. By the time I got to the fourth book the most I could force myself to do was skim through to see how everything was resolved. Not the way I want to end a series, by any means.