New Booklikes Users Labeled Troll Sociopaths


Sock Poppet says: I saw this BL's member make a comment on a post and clicked on his profile (I loved the avatar). I just now read this post and thought it was worth passing along. It perfectly sums up my feelings . . . except for the wife and sons. Oh, and I'm not a lawyer, but I could play one if someone wanted me too!


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I’m a Goodreads user.


I have one account – though my wife and one of my sons also have their own accounts.


I do not cyber bully authors or insult them – other than giving them poor ratings and reviews after having read their books.


I am a grateful survivor of a vicious author attack upon me on social media.  And no, it wasn’t over a bad review or anything like that.


I was shocked when the policy change occurred at Goodreads, especially how poorly it was handled. 


I have tried to understand both sides points of view (author and users.) 


And at the end of the day, I created a Booklikes account. 


I did this not because I’m a cyber terrorists changing my hideout, but because it seemed the prudent thing to do with Goodreads having deleted reviews/shelves without what I consider the appropriate notice to the site users.  (I’m a lawyer by profession and believe some form of notice and due process is a must in every situation.) 


At present, I do not intend to delete my GR account until I see where this whole thing at Goodreads leads.


Since I was attempting to be reasonable and prudent, I was a bit offended to find many “authors” out there blogging or commenting that anyone opening a new account on Booklikes must be a “sociopathic troll,” especially since I’d never heard of these authors or read any of their novels. I also was somewhat shocked to discover that every one star ratings on Goodreads seemed to be somehow suspected of being a “conspiracy” of some sort to personally hurt the authors ratings and his/her income.


Even though, this “unrest” has subsided somewhat I thought I’d comment one last time to show how this situation has spiralled out of control.  Honestly, the drama went way over the top with Rick Carufel’s Blog being one of the worst in my opinion. 


I’m not a cyber terrorist. 


I didn’t come to Booklikes to change “hideouts” for my dastardly plans.


I do not consider Goodreads a “hate” site.


And I’m really offended that I have to post this sort of blog in defense of myself because I choose to open this Booklikes account.


I mean wasn't the U.S. government spying on me enough already.  Now, I have to worry about the author censors doing it too.