30-Day October Book Challenge ~ Day 13

13 ~ Your favorite writer (I prefer author, since most anybody can be a writer but not anybody can be an author)


So it's not hard enough that I have to pick a different book each day for 30 days. No, now I'm supposed to come up with a favorite author. Really?


Is this a favorite current author?


Favorite dead author?


Favorite author that I most recently read?


Favorite romance author?


Favorite non-fiction author?


Favorite author that awes me with the beauty of their words?


Favorite author whose plots seem completely disjointed until they miraculously come together at the end?


Favorite author whose characters live in my heart?


Le Sigh.


Okay, I've picked a favorite author but I'm putting the name in a spoiler, because I want to use the new feature and I don't want all my other favorite authors to think I'm dissing them. I love you all equally!


Georgette Heyer, because she epitomizes the Regency romance. Of course, Jane Austen came first and I love her dearly. Please don't fight, Georgette and Jane, though it's not like you could kill each other or anything.

(show spoiler)