30-Day October Book Challenge ~ Day 12

Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer New Moon  - Stephenie Meyer Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga) - Stephenie Meyer

Day 12 ~ A book you love, but hate at the same time.

The Twilight series is one that makes most intelligent people cringe. So I will say right at the beginning that it did make me cringe.




But not always.


The cringe-worthy parts are legion, but what made me hate the series was the way Bella was stalked, pushed around and treated like a doormat with no braincells by Edward and Jacob. Which was pretty much all the time.


But I still liked it. Maybe it's because I'm a wimp and I like my vampires to feed upon animals instead of humans. And to sparkle. And be slightly goofy.


The books are so much fun to mock. I mean seriously, why did the Cullens keep going to high school? And eating in the cafeteria, when they didn't even eat?


And yet, how can you not feel sorry for people who became vampires through no fault of their own?


Darn you, Twilight. You made me like you in spite of despising you, and now everyone's going to think I'm an idiot just like Bella.