30-Day October Book Challenge ~ Day 8

Lady Chatterley's Lover - D. H. Lawrence

Day 8 ~ Most overrated book


When I was in college I was in love with D. H. Lawrence. I was an English major, so I took a course on Lawrence. I was a happy camper. A whole semester to read, study and discuss this wonderful author. What could be better?


As it turns out, almost anything. By the end of four months I was more than willing to let Lawrence rest on his somewhat tarnished laurels.


In 1928, when Lady Chatterley's Lover was first published, it became notorious for the love affair it portrayed between a working-class man and an upper-class, married woman. It was explicit in its descriptions of sex and its use of words that were considered unprintable.


Sometimes expecting too much is not a good thing and with Lady Chatterley's Lover it led to disappointment. By the time I read it (somewhat later than 1928), it wasn't quite the shocking book anymore. I found the characters more unpleasant than shocking. And the word I could best use to describe the book was boring.


But fair is fair. Read within the context of the time period it was published, Lady Chatterley certainly had people talking.