30-Day October Book Challenge ~ Day 6

The Bookseller of Kabul - ├ůsne Seierstad, Ingrid Christopherson

Day 6 ~ Book that makes you sad


Journalist Åsne Seierstad lived with the family of an Afghan bookseller in Kabul for several months in the spring of 2002. In her book she tells what the family was like. The entire book is shrouded in sadness for the restrictions and hardships women live under.


But what made my heart clench was the story of a young girl who wanted to be a teacher. She worked hard to fill out the forms needed. She ached to be allowed to get out from under the oppression in her own home, where she was a virtual slave to the whims of everyone in her family. I nearly hyperventilated as her goal came within reach only to be taken away at the last moment.


As a teacher, I hurt for her. As a fellow human being, I wanted to do violence to the men who see no value in what a women desires. Years after reading The Bookseller of Kabul I wonder if that young girl is still slaving away, dreaming of something she can never attain.