ReBlogging, the Sock Poppet Way (Do you dare try it?)

When someone creates an awesome post, it's lovely that we have the opportunity to reblog it. That way we can see posts from people we haven't met, yet. We get the chance to check out other people's pages and maybe follow them. And it keeps us current on what's happening in the reading world.


Sometimes, though, the original creator of the post gets lost in the reblogging shuffle and backtracking can take awhile. Since I think most of us want to find out who the genius is behind the reblogged post, might I suggest that the OP (Original Poster) link their blog at the bottom of the post. That way it will be easy to find them.


For example, I went to the preview of this post. It looked like this:




OK, when I tried my original way to get to the post, it didn't work. So what I did was publish the post, grab the url and then edit the post with the link. And voilà. (Or as I like to say it, viola! Playing with words is so much fun, isn't it?)


Update #2 (of how many?)


Karlynp, in the comments, suggested this. I changed the title and tried it:


"Also, I realized if you put the blog title in the tags it will help you see how far and wide your post got re-blogged. Example:"


*Socks crosses her socked fingers in hopes that this time it will work.*