30-Day October Book Challenge

Day 1 ~ Best book you read last year


First off, did you notice my awesome 30-Day October Book Challenge page over on the right?


I'm loving customizing my blog page here on BookLikes, especially when it works. And because of the generosity of so many members here, I've been able to figure out how to do a lot of things. My favorite was making my background fixed. Every time I come to my blog I have to scroll down to watch the background not move. You guessed it: I'm easily amused.


So click over there to see what I'll be posting in the days coming up.


The best book I read this year was:



This is a reissue by Mary Balogh. I'm a big fan of her books and this is one of her best. The hero assumes things about the heroine because of the way she is dressed. It's a funny book, but also touching as the two main characters learn that each is more than they first appeared.


I love books about love and funny books about love are the best of all.